Save Money

37 money saving resources

Want to hack saving money? Get your mitts on our favourite money saving resources and watch the pounds stack up! 10 years of Save the Student has given us plenty of experience with all sorts of useful tools, apps and websites when it comes to saving money. Lots are good, lots are not. We’ve distilled […]

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How to write a great CV

Applying for a job? Follow our complete guide to creating a killer CV and hugely increase your chances of getting hired. Putting together the perfect CV might seem like a daunting task, but with our shiny template and some pointers on what to include, you’ll be done in no time at all. Get yourself comfortable […]

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Student grants, bursaries and scholarships

£1,000s of funding is missed out on each year by students who don’t even know that they’re eligible for it. Find out whether you could be due any extra financial support… If your only plan for paying for uni involves a Student Loan and an impending sense of doom, you’re missing out! There’s a treasure trove […]

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Postgraduate Loans in England 2019

The government is now offering up to £10,906 in loans to English master’s students looking to study at a UK university. But are you eligible for the loan? Unsurprisingly, the Postgraduate Loan (also known as the Master’s Loan) comes with its fair share of small print that can be hard to get your head around […]

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Student Money Survey 2018 – Results

If you want to know how much a degree actually costs, ask a student. Even better, ask 3,167 of them for a warts-and-all insight into what life at uni is really like. That’s how many students at universities all over the UK answered our National Student Money Survey 2018 – and you guys didn’t hold […]

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