Postgraduate Loans in England 2019

The government is now offering up to £10,906 in loans to English master’s students looking to study at a UK university. But are you eligible for the loan? Unsurprisingly, the Postgraduate Loan (also known as the Master’s Loan) comes with its fair share of small print that can be hard to get your head around […]

Save Money

How to save money on sanitary products

The monthly cost of sanitary products adds up, and bloody fast. But, with these top deals and tips, we hope your periods will start feeling – financially – a little less painful. Sanitary products are necessities, so having to fork out for pricey pads and tampons hardly seems fair – and don’t even get us […]


Best graduate bank accounts 2019

Get to grips with graduate banking and you’ll be better off for up to three years after uni. Ditch the fees and switch to a better deal – here’s how! From 0% overdrafts to freebie incentives, student bank accounts are pretty good at pulling in the punters. Graduation doesn’t have to mean the party’s over, though! […]


Fun extracurricular activities to improve your CV

The job market may feel scarily competitive at times, but we know of plenty of ways to help you stand out – try these extracurricular activities and make your CV too good to overlook. It’s not enough to simply tell employers that you’re interested in their industry – you need to show it. And the […]

Make Money

12 tasking apps for making money

If you’re anything like us, then your phone is pretty much glued to your hands 24/7. Sound familiar? Well, keep reading to discover the best apps to help you make money on the go.  Like the sound of making a quick fiver between your lecture and a seminar? Tasking apps are an easy way to […]

Save Money

17 simple ways to save money on driving

Lucky enough to have a car as a student? You’ll know just how expensive they can be to run, so let us show you how to cut costs! When your only income is your Student Loan – and maybe a part-time job to supplement that – it can be a massive drain on your finances to […]


Top UK bank accounts for international students 2019

Whether you’re an international student studying in the UK on a year abroad or for the long haul, knowing where to bury your treasure is a must! Good news! Compared to many countries, banking in the UK as a foreign student is usually pretty easy and there’s a good amount of choice. That said, choosing […]


Postgraduate Loans in Scotland 2019

Fancy doing a postgraduate degree but not sure if your finances will cover it? We’ve put together the complete guide to funding, completely tailored to Scottish students. Postgraduate degrees are a great way of expanding your skillset, immersing yourself in a subject you really love and boosting your career prospects (all while avoiding the real […]


11 tips to find the perfect graduate job

Tired of writing detailed, heartfelt cover letters to potential employers who reply with… nothing? We feel your pain – but these tips can help you get the graduate job you want (and deserve!). There was very good news in October 2018 that graduate unemployment rates were the lowest they had been in 39 years. But, […]