Save Money

16 simple ways to save money on a night out

Feel like nights out are constantly draining your bank account? These tips will help you to live it up minus the feeling of dread when you check your bank account the next day.

Our research has shown that students spend on average £64 a month on socialising – and we’re gonna bet a big chunk of that goes on nights out.

When you add up the cost of alcohol, entry, taxis and 3am chicken nuggets, nights out can make a serious dent in your bank account if you’re not careful (and who is after a couple of Jagerbombs!?)

We’ve knocked our heads together over a whiskey or three to share our all-time top tips on saving money while partying at uni.

Top tips for cutting the cost of a night out

  1. Have pre-drinks

    pre drink save money

    If you’re going to go out drinking, it makes sense to start your night at home. The theory here is that you won’t need to buy as many drinks while you’re out, which can often be five or even six times the price.

    You probably know by now that it’s much cheaper to buy supermarket own-brand products, and you won’t even notice the difference between these and well-known brands (apart from the price).

    A 700ml bottle of Smirnoff will set you back around £15, but an equivalent bottle of Tesco’s own-brand vodka will only cost you a tenner! No-brainer, really, especially if you’re mixing it with something else anyway.

    Psssst! Here are our top pre drinking tips including our favourite drinking games and cocktails.

  2. Stock up on carbs in advance

    Hands up if you’re guilty of the drunken munchies? Buying that kebab after a night out might seem like a good idea at the time, but your bank account won’t thank you for it (and neither will your toilet stomach the morning after).

    Before hitting the tiles, make sure you eat a proper meal, preferably packed with carbs, so you don’t need to pig out on expensive takeaway food later. It’s always a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach anyway, so eat up!

  3. … or have them ready for your return

    If you can’t face a night out without a carb-filled treat at the end, have some munchies prepared for when you get home.

    No one wants to be that guy setting off the fire alarm making pizza at 3am, so have your food pre-cooked and ready to eat (cold pizza comes highly recommended here).

    At this point, it’s also worth getting supplies in advance for the next day’s hangover cures too – here’s exactly what you’ll need!

  4. Hit the club early

    We know we mentioned pre-drinking earlier, but bear with us on this one.

    Sometimes, getting to your destination early can have all sorts of wondrous benefits – most of all, escaping extortionate entry fees and dodging queues in the freezing cold. And you get to say it was your sick moves that started the party, yo.

    Entry prices tend to go up at around 11pm and many clubs offer free or reduced entry before that time.

    Don’t want to turn up early? Well this next tip’s for you.

  5. Act like a celeb

    act famous nights out

    If you don’t fancy getting there early, try and get yourself on the guest list.

    Have a look at the Facebook page or Twitter account of the club organisers and try buttering them up with a DM telling them how much you love their nights, and that you’re hoping to bring a crew of friends down (i.e. promise of a busy dance floor and more cash in their pockets in the long-run).

    More often than not, they’ll sort you out! Whatever you do, plan in advance, as it often works out cheaper to buy a ticket online than pay on the door.

  6. Set a party budget

    Ok, so the word ‘budget’ has kinda gross connotations these days (no thanks to the man above). But it really is a good idea to set a limit on how much you’re going to spend on the night and stick to it (sorry for sounding like your parents here).

    A good option to try is taking out a prepaid card with you, topped up with your spending money on it. These cards come with an app that will remind you throughout the night how much you’ve spent at the bar and how close you are to hitting your maximum (and so when it’s time to hit the road).

  7. Remember – rounds waste pounds!

    avoid buying rounds save money

    However much you wanna be the good guy, don’t get pulled into buying full rounds of drinks, especially if you’re out in a large group. You can’t afford to party like you’re in Made in Chelsea, and if you can, what are you doing reading this guide?

    Treating your mates to a round might seem like a nice thing to do, but it rarely works out fairly and often forces you into buying booze when you don’t even want any more to drink.

    If you do get roped into rounds, why not use this opportunity to save cash (and give your liver a break) by getting yourself a soft drink this time round (whatever it is, ask for a slice of lime in it and no one will even know the difference!).

  8. Ditch the credit cards

    don't take credit card on night out

    Ever looked at your bank balance the morning after and had the shock of your life? Taking your debit or credit card out with you is never a good idea as it’s so easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent (as mentioned above, this is where prepaids come in handy!).

    Do yourself a favour and leave the credit cards at home – we promise they won’t get lonely.

  9. Use free ATMs

    Taking out cash for the evening can also be a way of keeping track of your spending.

    However, whatever you do DON’T use club ATMs. These machines are normally rented out by money-grabbers and will charge several pounds just to withdraw your own money.

    Make sure you think ahead and take cash out at a free ATM before you start your night! And if you’re not sure where to find one, check out this handy ATM locator tool.

  10. Party off-peak

    Contrary to what Ms Black tells you, Friday isn’t the only day you can get down to boogie.

    The beauty of student nightlife is that the best parties are normally happening mid-week, and everything tends to be cheaper on weeknights compared to weekends.

    There’s normally a fair few drink promos going on during off-peak party nights too – bonus!

  11. Split taxis (or ditch ’em)

    Taxis are always going to be the safest option, but unfortunately they’re not the cheapest.

    We know the bus takes longer and won’t take you right to your door but it’ll be a fraction of the price (not forgetting that you can get involved in some bus shenanigans too).

    If you do take a taxi, share the cost with your mates. Uber has a fare split function in the app now so you don’t even need to do the maths (and whatever you do, don’t accept ‘I’ll buy you a drink’ in return for covering the taxi, it’s always a bad deal). If there’s a large group of you, splitting a taxi can even work out cheaper than catching the bus.

    If you’re travelling alone and you’re put off by the cost of a solo taxi, uberPOOL it, or look for a code!

    Also think about whether the distance is actually walkable! It might be cheaper to take a coat and check it into the cloakroom for a quid than get a taxi there (but only do this if you’re in a group!).

  12. Look out for offers

    It may look a bit excessive, but a cocktail pitcher will often work out cheaper than individual drinks. At Wetherspoons, for example, single cocktails cost roughly £5 but a pitcher is only £9! Also keep an eye out for happy hour two-for-one cocktails deals which are pretty common these days.

    Also, rather than buying bottled beer, get the beer on tap as it’s so much cheaper.

    Don’t forget to make use of your trusty student card when you can. Some student-orientated bars will offer special deals for students so keep your eyes peeled and ask staff behind the bar.

    Make sure to check whether your regular haunts offer loyalty or membership cards so you can save up points and save on drinks.

    Loads of bars also do drinks promotions, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for those in the drinks section of our student deals page.

  13. Alternate drinks with water

    drink water nights out

    For every alcoholic drink you have, get a glass of tap water too. It’ll give your liver a break and there’s less chance you’ll wake up with a cracking headache.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the best part, tap water is F.R.E.E!

    Basically, the idea behind this one is that the water will quench your thirst and fill you up quicker – meaning less room for alcohol.

  14. Make friends with bar staff

    You came to university to make friends, so why not use those skills to make friends with people who really matter?

    By this, we mean people who work at your venue of choice. Managers, bar staff, bouncers… they can all bag you a freebie or two if you’re nice enough!

  15. Have a house party

    Can’t afford to go out? No problem, just throw a house party and ask everyone to bring their own booze.

    Not only do you get to curate your own party playlist, you’ll be cutting out the cost of taxi fares, club entry and expensive drinks.

    Just make sure to give your neighbours a heads up first and tone it down a bit when it gets late, the last thing you want is a visit from your landlord or the police!

  16. Stay at home

    If you don’t have the dollar, just don’t go out – simple as that! Essentially the point is to have fun with your friends, and you don’t need to be up in da club to do that.

    Why not have a movie night instead?  Grab some popcorn, snuggle under the duvet with your housemates and do some good old-fashioned sober bonding.

Now you’ve got that bit covered, here’s how you can get prepped for the hangover too – you’ll thank us later!