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5 cheap but tasty sandwich ideas

Bored of eating the same sandwiches over and over again? Take a look at our list of cheap and tasty sandwich ideas for some inspiration!

Lunchtime can be the bane of student life – homemade sandwiches just seem so boring and drab when Subway’s calling right?

If that’s how you’re feeling then it’s time to give your sandwich game a makeover – there’s so much choice out there that no two sandwiches need taste the same! Plus, making sandwiches yourself instead of going for a meal deal everyday will save you so much money in the long run.

Follow our guide and you can sort out five sandwiches for the week all for well under a fiver. Make Joey Tribbiani proud!

Easy and cheap sandwich recipes

The best way to keep your daily sandwich interesting is to mix up your fillings – but when you have to buy things in bulk, it’s often not feasible to have a completely different sandwich everyday.

We’d suggest choosing a filling at the start of the week, getting the supplies in and then shaking things up each week depending on your mood. You’ll be shocked by how much you can save!

  1. Chicken and bacon salad sandwich

    chicken and bacon sandwich

    •  Lettuce: 30p
      2 rashers of smoked bacon: £1.40 (for 8 rashers)
      Chicken breasts: £1.60
      Mayo: 40p
      6 bread buns: 65p

    Total cost for six sandwiches: £4.35 (although, don’t forget you’ll have lots of bacon and mayo left over too!)

    At the start of the week, grill or fry the two rashers of bacon, leave to cool down and then chop into small pieces.

    Mix the bacon in a bowl with the chicken (chop this up into similar-sized pieces) and some mayo. You can buy ready cooked chicken sandwich pieces, but it’s often cheaper (and tastier) to buy an uncooked chicken breast, chop it into pieces and fry it yourself!

    Add this to your rolls with some crispy lettuce – this filler should be enough to last you all week.

  2. Turkish pitta bread (V)

    hummus pitta bread

      2 carrots: 12p
      Hummus: £1.20
      Rocket: 90p
      6 pitta breads: 55p

    Total cost for six pitta breads: £2.77

    Grate your carrot and keep it in a bowl in the fridge. As long as you cover the bowl, it should last all week to use when you need it.

    Spread a liberal amount of hummus (you can never have too much hummus, right?) and top with some of the carrot and rocket.

  3. Mediterranean tuna sandwich

    tuna sandwich

      Tin of tuna: £1
      Mayo: 40p
      Paprika: 85p
      Gherkins: 90p
      Lettuce: 30p
      6 bread buns: 65p

    Total cost for six rolls: £4.10

    Mix the tinned tuna in a bowl with a little mayo and 1/4 teaspoon paprika.

    Chop your gherkins into small pieces and mix this in with the tuna.

    Add to the bun with some lettuce – you won’t believe how good a combo this is, honestly!

  4. Spicy chicken sandwich

    chicken sandwich

      Breaded chicken goujons: £1.50
      Lettuce: 30p
      Crème fraîche: £1.10
      Paprika: 85p
      Chilli (optional): 85p
      6 bread buns: 65p

    Total Cost: £5.25 (but again, you should have a fair amount of each ingredient left over)

    Cook the chicken goujons together at the start of the week – they will keep for five days in a tupperware box in the fridge, but you can cook them individually the night before if you prefer.

    Layer the bun with a bit of crème fraîche sprinkled with a pinch of paprika and chilli, and top with chicken and lettuce.

  5. Peanut butter and jelly (V)

      Peanut butter: 70p
      Jam: 28p or Banana: 14p
      Sliced bread: 55p

    Total cost for five sandwiches: £1.53 with jam, £1.39 with banana (a super cheap option, if not the healthiest!)

    All these years you’ve been hearing people talk about ‘peanut butter and jelly’ sandwiches in American movies and thinking they’ve lost their minds. Turns out ‘jelly’ is actually jam and this is the best combo ever!

    Peanut butter and bananas also work really well together if you’re not a fan of the jam.

    This is an ideal study snack as it’s easy to throw together, and the peanut butter will give you an energy boost – as will the bananas!

Essential sandwich making tips

  1. Try mixing things up by using wraps, pitta breads, flatbreads and different kinds of buns
  2. If you know you struggle to get up in time to make lunch in the morning, it might be an idea to make your sandwich the night before!
  3. Asda also do huge packs of 24 buns for £2.39 which are suitable for freezing, but you’ll need to take each bun out the night before to let it thaw overnight
  4. Think outside the box! If you have food leftover from dinner, see if you can incorporate it into a sandwich the next day
  5. Invest in a sturdy tupperware or lunch box – there’s nothing worse than a squished sandwich that’s been lingering at the bottom of your bag all day.

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