7 times Cardi B gave us her best financial advice

Cardi B rose to fame through Instagram and reality TV. Classic millennial. But her money advice is lightyears ahead of “cut out the avocado toast!”

Cardi B has been dominating the spotlight since she released Bodak Yellow in 2017. But Cardi isn’t only known for her lyrical quips. She also likes to dish out tips and tricks on how to handle the daily grind and how to — to put it bluntly — get moneyz on Twitter.

If the lyrics of her single Money – an indicator in itself of the importance she places on being financially savvy – are anything to go by, Cardi is all about the hustle.

Her DIY attitude to success (she’s the first solo female rapper to top the US charts since 1998) is based on a concept we hold very dear to our hearts here at Save the Student: spend your money carefully.

We went through her tweets and found the best pieces of financial advice she has to offer especially for you. As Cardi would say, make money moves!

Cardi B’s tips on how to manage your money

  1. You’re never above a bargain

    Exhibit number one: this tweet is our first piece of evidence proving that Cardi B is one of us!

    Sure, you might have a Lamborghini in your parking space and ice on your wrist, but that doesn’t mean you should refuse a bargain when one so kindly presents itself in front of your very eyes.

    No one is ever too good for a good deal or a discount. And knowing how to haggle like a pro will make sure you never miss a beat!

  2. Invest, invest, invest

    Make that $ (or, more likely, £) multiply by investing it in something that’ll make your bank account flourish.

    Cardi has invested in property, a business and, if her tweets are anything to go by, is even opening a company of her own. Hint hint.

    Property, a business, or the stock market are all great places to start burying your treasure once you’re earning and are financially sound.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about investing – we’ve got an A-Z of how and what to invest in.

    But Queen B isn’t the only celeb to have gone down the investment route.

    Ellen DeGeneres is known for buying and flipping houses, George Clooney started his own tequila company (which he sold for one billion dollars), and Jay-Z has invested in everything from champagne to music streaming services.

    Get flippin’!

  3. Don’t spend money frivolously

    Just because you’ve got dat cash, doesn’t mean you have to spend it all in one place.

    According to an interview CB did with Fader magazine, her humble abode is furnished with a lot of things she got for free, and she only pays full-price for something if she’s on the move and doesn’t have time to haggle!

    As tempting as it is when your savings do start to mount up to something more than a molehill, try not to blow them all at once.

    Keep some aside for a rainy day or for a long-term project you’re working towards.

  1. Make educated decisions about your spending

    There are loads of different ways to learn about money, a degree is just one of them.

    Cardi herself didn’t complete her university degree: she dropped out after three semesters at a college in Manhattan, and famously made money stripping after quitting her part-time job as a cashier.

    But she does recognise the value in getting savvy about your finances.

    This doesn’t have to be through a uni education – it could be through doing something as simple as looking at Save the Student’s daily deals or our guides on habits that are definitely draining your bank account!

    Okay, shameless self-promotion over. The bottom line is, make a conscious effort to educate yourself about how you spend your money.

    Which brings us to our next point…

  2. Ask for financial advice

    Even the fattest of cats ask for advice on how to spend their money.

    Although Cardi revealed she was spending more on her stage set-up than what Coachella were actually paying her to perform (she reportedly lost over £360,000), she agreed to do the festival because she viewed it as an important investment for her career. And because she could afford it.

    Don’t be shy about asking for financial advice if you’re thinking about spending a lump sum in one go or making a decision that could have long-term effects on your finances (taking out a loan for example!).

    But be mindful about who you ask. A mate that doesn’t think twice about blowing £300 on the latest lifestyle fad probably isn’t the fountain of wisdom you should be turning to.

    Family is always a good place to start, as is your bank or your family accountant if you have one.

    And – although if you’re still at uni you’re probably not quite there yet – get savvy about how much tax you should be paying. Once you start working, make sure HMRC have put you on the right tax band or you could end up paying more than you should be!

  1. Don’t forget the freebies

    Basic money saving 101: never forget to pick up the free stuff!

    Whether you’re eating out (or ordering in) or simply doing your weekly shop, always check to see whether you could be bagging more for your money (or getting money back with supermarket cashback apps). Mmmm, free guacamole.

    Freebies often come in the fine print and shop assistants may *forget* to remind you to pick up the free goodies that come with your latest purchase.

    This is especially relevant when you’re spending a considerable amount of money. For example, retailers often do discounts when you spend over £50.

    Don’t forget to do this when shopping online too!

  2. Always pay yo’ bills

    Unfortunately, Queen Cardi is living proof that bills will follow you around no matter how much money you earn.

    Whether you’re an international megastar or an accountant, some of your salary is going to have to go towards boring things like rent and electricity. So make sure you always budget accordingly.

    But, paying these bills will be less painful if you’re actually doing something you enjoy. We don’t need to tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees – it comes through hard work. Shocker, we know. But it won’t feel as hard if you’re able to throw yourself into something you love. ?

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