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8 people who went to ridiculous lengths to get a freebie

This gang of bargain hunters prove that some people will stop at nothing if there’s the word ‘free’ floating around somewhere in front of them. And we thought we were bad!

8 crazy freebie hunters

  1. These people who waited two hours for a free burger

    queueforaburgerOkay, so we’re always up for free food, but queuing for upwards of two hours just to get your hands on a burger might be just a tad extreme…or not.

    When Patty and Bun decided to open up a new London store, they kindly offered to give the first 1,000 patrons a free taster.

    However, the queue started well before they opened shop, people queued for nearly two hours and some didn’t even get their meat and bread based snack. After all that!

    All we can say is they better have been good burgers.

  2. This person who tattooed the Nando’s logo on himself

    nandosbumYes. You’re looking at a person who tattooed the Nando’s logo on their skin. And yes, that is their spotty bum you’re looking at.

    Long-time Nando’s lover, Bradley Holman, famously decided to get the company’s logo permanently inked in the hope of scoring some free food.

    And before you ask, no, they didn’t give him a single scrap of chicken. FAIL.

  3. This woman who pushed a button 5,000 times for crisps

    buttonSo it’s a bit of a marketing gimmick, but if we’re being rational here, what freebie giveaway isn’t?

    Crisp makers Delites decided to install a vending machine to see how far people would go for a free pack. The answer? Pretty far…

    You can watch the whole video here, but the long and short of it is one woman stands pushing a big red button repeatedly… 5000 TIMES!

  4. These people who let the internet name their child

    babbbyNaming your baby is undeniably a big decision. After all, it’s something that’ll be stuck with them forever and really makes them who they are.

    So what could possibly go wrong with letting the internet population have the responsibility of name your child?

    Well, nothing, according to Craig and Natasha Hill who decided to let the internet name their child in exchange for the princely sum of $5,000 (paid to them by Belly Ballot, a mum-to-be forum in the US).

    Now, we hear you cry, this isn’t a freebie… Well we added it to the list on the basis that they were after the money for free nappies & baby clothes.

    [UPDATE] According to the Huffington Post, this in fact turned out to be a publicity hoax from Baby Ballot, who hired ‘Natasha Hill’ (actually called ‘Natasha Lloyd’) as an actress to pretend she’d won the money…okaaaay then.

  5. These people who eat a lot of hot dogs

    hotdogThis one is a bit of a deviation too, but the winners of the annual hot dog eating contest each bag $20,000. Plus entry is free… so you get free hot dogs.


    We don’t know whether to say you should count us in or out?

  1. This guy who collects loads of coupons

    shoppingcouponsOkay, so coupons are totally great. But could you imagine couponing for more than ten hours a week? Us neither.

    One kid, Jordan Cox of Extreme Couponing fame, managed to get more than £500 worth of shopping for a mere £0.04 just be going crazy with coupons. There are thousands of men and woman across the world who devote their time to stocking up on all the latest deals. Is it worth the hassle?

  2. This guy who complains so much he wrote a book

    brucedudeComplaining is great, especially when you’ve received poor service or feel that something wasn’t right.

    Then you meet this guy, Bruce Silverman, who’s actually built a career out of complaining. In the past, he’s bagged airline tickets, south sea cruises and even luxury hotel suites! This guy means business (although we reckon he probably has no mates).

  3. This guy who spent his life savings trying to win an Xbox

    manbananaThis isn’t technically a freebie either, but spending your entire life savings – about $2,600 in this case – to try and win an Xbox (which costs roughly $230) is a pretty dedicated feat… despite being incredibly stupid.

    Henry Gribbohm was so determined to win the console during a trip to the fair that he majorly splashed the cash, only to walk away with a dreadlocked banana instead. #disappointed

What have you done to bag yourself a freebie? Or perhaps more pressingly, how far would you really go to win something? Tell us in the comments below or get in touch with us directly!