9 weird and wonderful jobs you never knew existed

Worried about getting stuck behind a desk making spreadsheets after you graduate? Forget it – the job market is a lot more interesting than you think!

Who says a graduate career will always entail sitting behind a desk from 9–5, five days a week?

In reality, there are plenty of extremely interesting, high-paying jobs that don’t involve much office time at all – you just need to know where to find them!

Believe it or not, there are even opportunities out there involving everything from being paid to eat chocolate to watching Netflix in your bed. These nine weird and wonderful roles below are just the (very eccentric) tip of the iceberg!

9 awesome jobs you’ve never heard of

  1. Netflix Tagger

    Ever wondered how Netflix manages to automatically know what to suggest what you watch next?

    That’s because some lucky bugger is paid to be a ‘Netflix Tagger’, where they’re essentially paid to watch shows all day and tag them with suitable keywords that will match them up with viewers with particular tastes.

    The position is described by Netflix as freelance, flexible, and suitable for working from home.

    Whilst the job will involve having to endure lots of rotten films from the 80s, you’ll also be the first to see all the latest Netflix originals, and get paid to watch TV in bed all day. Where do we sign up?

    Whilst Netflix are (unsurprisingly) usually staffed up for Taggers, keep an eye on their careers page in case another opportunity pops up!

  2. Food stylist

    food stylistHow do they manage to make the food in adverts look even more edible than it looks when it’s on the end of your fork? By employing someone to ‘style’ the starring cuisine like a model on a catwalk, that’s how!

    The art of arranging food to make it look way tastier than it is IRL is a really respected career in the culinary world, apparently.

    Some stylists will have a Culinary Arts degree, but many begin as professional photographers who develop a keen eye for making food look fab.

    Techniques involve everything from spraying food with water and sugar to make it catch the light, and even injecting it with water to plump it up! Gross…

    And FYI, a few ‘grams of your super cute brunch doesn’t qualify you as a food stylist ?

  3. Chocolate taster

    Bet you never thought you could get paid to eat chocolate all day (apart from when you scoff treats in the middle of your shift when nobody’s looking), but it looks like the dream is very real indeed!

    Mondelez, the company that owns Cadbury and Oreos, recently even advertised for a part-time Chocolate Taster vacancy in Reading (could there be a better student job opportunity ever?)

    The only prerequisites for the job were to have a passion for confectionery and a ‘good grasp of the English language’, so it looks like pretty much all of us are qualified for the job.

  4. Professional bridesmaid

    Always the bridesmaid but never the bride? Quit feeling sorry for yourself and turn this quirk into a sweet little money-maker!

    Professional bridesmaids are essentially glorified wedding planners, but as the position entails being extremely involved in the whole process of arranging your wedding with you – even to the point of walking you down the aisle – they’ve earned themselves the ‘bridesmaid’ title.

  5. Seat filler

    seat filler
    Ever marvelled at the fact there are never any empty seats during televised awards ceremonies? Yeah, neither have we.

    But apparently empty seats on TV are a massive embarrassment to event organisers, prompting television companies to hire ‘seat fillers’ to hop onto vacant seats when celebrities need the loo.

    Unfortunately, it’s a voluntary position but just think about the celebs you’d get to brush shoulders with and the kind of people whose bum-warmth you’d get to enjoy. Too far?

  6. Waterslide tester

    It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! Back in 2013, travel agents First Choice employed the world’s first ever Waterslide Tester – and he was a 22-year-old student from the University of Leeds!

    We’re hoping that since then, other travel companies have seen the value in hiring someone to travel the world’s water parks testing, rating and writing reviews on slides.

    This one is so good we’d probably even pay them to let us do the job!

  7. Cool hunter

    cool hunter
    Let’s be honest – most of us would like to think we’re totally cut out for this job. But the sad truth is: we’re not (truth hurts).

    Also known as a ‘Cool Spotter’ or ‘Trend Watcher’, this role entails being seriously in the know when it comes to trends in popular culture – so much to the point that you can predict what the latest fad is going to be before it hits.

    Your job is then to create reports on what the next big trends will be in relevant areas, and then sell them on to businesses. Starting salaries for this position in the UK is currently around £20,000. Not too shabby!

  8. Professional queuer

    professional queuerWe Brits love a queue. But it turns out waiting your turn is such a devastating inconvenience in other countries that websites have started making a mint by punting out bodies to wait in line on your behalf.

    They’re not the only ones who’ll be cashing in on your patience either – as a professional queuer you can earn up to £20/hour! Check out TaskRabbit to become a professional queuer at a festival, restaurant and other weird and wacky events!

    We’re not really sure what happens when they reach the front of the queue and you’re still at home watching telly, though?

  9. Crisp Inspector

    crisp inspector
    The job of a crisp inspector is (perhaps predictably) to make sure the crisps in your packet are up to scratch. This includes ensuring there are no misshapen, irregular or overcooked crisps in the bag.

    Back in 2017, Walkers announced a vacancy for a part-time ‘Super Tester’ looking for a lucky crisp connoisseur to earn a generous £8.51/hour to eat snacks and describe how they taste!

    We wish it was part of the Crisp Inspector’s job description to make sure packets were more than a quarter full, too!

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