How to distinguish between the real crocodile leather

How to Distinguish Between the Real Crocodile Leather

Through the time, we have received lots of questions from cutomers about the inconsistency between crocodile leather wallet and the real one they received from the manufacturer. People often wander why the wallet is not exactly the same in term of skin and patterns; actually, this is impossible. The simple answer for this is that […]

snakeskin iPhone case

How to pick the perfect case to protect your smartphone or tablet

Spills, drops, and falls are just a few of the unfortunate events that could ruin your expensive phone or tablet. If you’ve ever lost your grip and watched helplessly as your device rocketed toward the ground, then you already know how important protecting your device can be. From lightweight, slim cases to rugged cases offering […]


The best iPhone 12 screen protectors

It may have launched a little later than usual, but the iPhone 12 is now with us. It introduces a newly revamped design featuring flat sides in the vein of the iPhone 4 and 5 (and also the new iPad Pro). It also comes with slimmer bezels, a narrower notch, 5G support for the first […]

snakeskin iPhone case
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Genuine Python Skin iPhone Case

Here is our suggestion for a great way to accessorize your expensive iPhone and make it more distinctive so that it stands out in the crowd. Select a python iPhone case from Everweek from our popular range of exotic skin iPhone cases. Genuine Python Skin iPhone Case Python skin is less expensive than other exotic […]

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Give Your Smart Phone a Hard Time? These Are the Toughest iPhone Cases in 2021

Life poses a number of risks to our valuable electronics. From beckoning toilet bowls and sticky-fingered children to dust, dirt, and unpredictable weather, the threats to our gadgets are hiding around every corner. And of course there’s the danger we take with us everywhere: our own clumsiness. Our smartphones are by our side or in […]