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How to get cashback online

Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn money back every time you bought something online? Oh wait, you can! And we could be talking big bucks… It might sound like a crazy idea, but some brands will actually pay you cash if you buy something from them by going via an external website first. […]


Best tax-free cash ISAs for students

Want to boost your savings? Getting yourself a tax-free cash ISA is a surefire way to make some extra cash, and they’re super easy to set up. Here’s your beginner’s guide! According to our National Student Money Survey, 74% of you have at least some money in your savings – and if you’re one of them, […]


How to buy work clothes on a budget

Doing an internship or about to start a graduate job? Getting yourself a work wardrobe doesn’t have to cost the world – here’s how to get smart work clothes for low prices… Whether you’re starting your first graduate job, doing some part-time work over summer or heading on an internship, it’s important that you have […]

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How to publish an eBook

Author Andy Weir began publishing the novel’s chapters on his blog, but then pasted the whole thing into a text document and sold it as an Amazon Kindle book for just 99 cents a copy. Within months The Martian was topping the best-selling charts, and then Hollywood wanted in! Give or take a bit of […]

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Cheap ways to keep cool in the heat

A bit of hot weather is great every now and again, but what can you do when it all gets a little too much? To help you survive the summer, we’ve compiled our top tips for staying cool in the heat! We wait all winter for some sunny weather, and as soon as a heatwave comes […]


9 weird university bursaries, grants and scholarships

Extra funding at university isn’t just reserved for those with the top grades – from the weird to the wonderful, you can get money for just about anything! According to our National Student Money Survey, the average monthly Maintenance Loan amount falls £170 short of the monthly cost of living as a student. However, our […]


Best student savings accounts 2019

Forget sticking your money under the mattress and hoping for the best – if you want the biggest bonuses, you need the best savings account. Here are the smartest ways to save. While we can’t promise shed loads of extra cash by the end of your first term, a high-interest savings account can net you no-effort […]


How to use Twitter to find a job in 2019

Think Twitter’s just for memes, funny threads and overly aggressive opinions? Oh no – it’s actually a great tool for starting your career. Here’s how you can use it to land your dream job. Admittedly, with LinkedIn on the scene, Twitter might not be the first site you’d think of when using social media to […]

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How to save money on Netflix

Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Sex Education… We all LOVE Netflix, but we don’t love paying premium prices. Here’s how to get a cheaper subscription and still enjoy your TV faves! Netflix scratches that procrastination itch like no other. Whether it’s escaping revision, writing essays, or just being a productive human being, Netflix is always there […]