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How to get a free STI test

Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections isn’t something you can shy away from. Thankfully, it’s the easiest process ever and doesn’t have to cost a penny! We all know the safest option is to always to use a condom when having sex – don’t forget you can pick these up for free all across the country. […]


Student Money Survey 2018 – Results

If you want to know how much a degree actually costs, ask a student. Even better, ask 3,167 of them for a warts-and-all insight into what life at uni is really like. That’s how many students at universities all over the UK answered our National Student Money Survey 2018 – and you guys didn’t hold […]

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Best organic food delivery boxes

If this sounds like you, you’re probably already aware that you can receive organic food delivery from many sources straight to your door from a local farm. How does organic food delivery work? Organic food companies try to make it easier for those who would prefer to eat locally-produced organic food, by personally sourcing produce from local […]

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11 essential cooking tips for every student kitchen

Learn these 11 simple but golden rules of the kitchen and you’ll be a culinary master in no time! The thought of suddenly having to fend for yourself and your own diet can be daunting for some students, but the sooner you get the hang of things and feel confident in the kitchen, the more enjoyable (and […]

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Cheap and easy chocolate truffles

Yeah, ok, so they might not be the exact same thing – admittedly, you won’t find any ingredients worth their weight in gold in this recipe. These truffles are so tasty and easy to make that you’ll be making them in the hundreds, dishing them out as posh gifts whilst saving yourself a bomb. That is, […]

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How to quit smoking (and save a fortune)

Chances are you’ve probably heard that smoking is bad for you, but have you ever thought about the financial costs? If you’re one of the seven million smokers in the UK right now, chances are you’re quite familiar with the pain of being perpetually skint. While life isn’t exactly caviar and champagne for the rest […]