Best paid part time jobs for students

We know which jobs pay the most for graduates, but how can you earn top dollar as a student? We’ve got the stats to help you choose where to work.

There are plenty of ways to make money as a student, but there’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned part time job. In fact, our Student Money Survey revealed that 76% of you depend on one to fund your everyday living costs.

Aside from the fact that employment is usually a more steady source of income than most of our easy ways to earn some cash, adding some experience to your CV will help you to stand out in a crowded and competitive job market.

But what are the best paying part time jobs for students? And which cities are the best place to be looking for work? Well to answer those very questions, CV-Library analysed 2,000 part time jobs in 15 university cities.

They generously let us have a sneaky peak at the results, and it’s fair to say that there’s a couple of surprises in there! So without further ado, let’s count down the industries and cities with the best paid part time student jobs.

Industries with the best paid student jobs

  1. Customer Service

    Part time student job customer services

    Average hourly pay: £10.35

    Ah, customer service. The traditional home of students seeking to add to their maintenance loans. And at more than a tenner an hour, you can see why it’s so popular!

  2. Education

    Education jobs part time student

    Average hourly pay: £11.04

    Want to get into teaching? Don’t hang about until you’ve graduated! According to these figures, doing some work in the field while you’re at uni can be a nice little earner (not to mention an invaluable experience!).

  3. Marketing

    Part time marketing jobs students

    Average hourly pay: £11.61

    A very open market here (pardon the pun). Although students of marketing will obviously hold the upper hand, anyone with the right skill set and an interest in the industry should consider marketing as an option.

  4. Accountancy

    Part time student jobs accounting

    Average hourly pay: £12.94

    Part time student jobs in accounting are probably easier to get if you’re actually studying for a degree in the field. But if you’re mathematically-minded, or fancy pursuing a career in this area after uni, the potential pay makes exploring the option a no-brainer.

  5. Construction

    Part time student jobs construction

    Average hourly pay: £13.58

    Again, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to be studying for a relevant degree to find part time work in construction. But if you’re in the industry, the money really is as good as it gets.

Cities with the best paid student jobs

  1. Coventry

    Part time student jobs CoventryCredit: Ed Webster – Flickr

    Average hourly pay: £9.84

    There must be something in the water in the Midlands, because Coventry and near-neighbours, Leicester, have the same (very high) average wage for students in part time jobs. Drinks are on the students living there!

  2. Leicester

    Part time student jobs leicesterCredit: Holly Victoria Norval – Flickr

    Average hourly pay: £9.84

    When you think of Leicester, what comes to mind? The red cheese? The square in London? The greatest underdog story in the history of football? Well now there’s something else to add to the list: well paid part time jobs for students.

  3. Reading

    Part time student jobs readingCredit: Mark – Flickr

    Average hourly pay: £9.91

    It appears Reading isn’t just home to one of the UK’s biggest music festivals – it can also lay claim to some of the highest paying part time student jobs in the country!

  4. London

    Part time student jobs london

    Average hourly pay: £10.08

    Just as when it was announced that the capital no longer has the priciest pints, we’re shocked to see that London isn’t top of the pops here. But it is still second, and failing to secure that would have been embarrassing for a city with such high living costs.

  5. Leeds

    Part time student jobs leedsCredit: Bill Richards – Flickr

    Average hourly pay: £10.12

    It’s true – London doesn’t have the highest paid part time jobs for students! Well, not according to this survey it doesn’t. It seems like Leeds is the place to be if you want to get some extra mullah while at uni.

So there you have it! But don’t worry if you’re not interested in working in any of the featured industries, or living in any of the top five cities. These figures are just averages, and you could find yourself employed elsewhere for more money (or working in one of the listed jobs/cities and earning less!).

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