Best universities for graduate salaries revealed (Oxbridge isn’t top)

Find out if your university has made the top 10 in the UK according to graduate salary!

When choosing which university to go to, one of the most important considerations is often how much you can earn afterwards.

Sometimes people prefer to focus on the course offerings, the location, the universities facilities, or the prestige of the institution.

However, the common theme for every university student is that, eventually, you will have to start thinking about what you will do afterwards, and that involves thinking about money.

Employability, careers services, and how likely you are to land a great job are therefore often high up on the list of priorities for many prospective students.

To help students decide which university will give them the professional boost they’re after, The Student Room has ranked universities based on graduate salaries, and we’ve got the top 10 for you!

Which university’s graduates earn the most?