How Does Aramid Fibre Differ from Carbon Fibre?

aramid fibre iPhone case

Aramid Fibre is a relative newcomer to the world of ultra-protective, totally aesthetic phone cases, but it’s quickly making its mark on the industry. A lot of people, however, still don’t know exactly what aramid fibre is or how it protects your tech. Let’s demystify this incredible material.

What Are The Properties of Aramid Fibre?

Aramid fibre is a man-made synthetic fibre, known for being heat resistant and especially strong. Originally designed for the US military, this is a high-performance material which is favoured for its extreme durability. It’s also incredibly light in comparison to how tough it is, and each fibre is thinner than human hair. Its relatively low molecular weight and extreme resilience means that aramid fibre is now used for bulletproof vests, aeroplanes and even spaceships. You couldn’t really pick a tougher protective material for your phone case.

How Does Aramid Fibre Differ from Carbon Fibre?

There’s a lot of confusion between carbon fibre and aramid fibre, but they are not the same material. The confusion is understandable – both are man-made, modern composites, widely used because they’re so strong and light, and both come from the same family of materials.

Carbon fibre, however, is an electrical conductor which means it can interfere with the signal reception of your phone. Aramid fibre, on the other hand, is not conductive and does not impact WiFi, GPS or your phone service. Additionally, whilst it’s strong and stiff, carbon fibre is also brittle, meaning that it may protect your phone from drops and shocks but it’s likely to break on impact.

Aramid Fibre Case VS Crocodile Leather Case

Aramid Fibre is produced by regnerated material, while Crocodile Leather come from animals.

How Does Aramid Fibre Protect My Phone?

Aramid fibre is arguably the toughest and most appropriate material to protect your phone or other tech devices. It’s super high-strength which means that even if your device takes severe impacts or shocks, aramid fibre can help protect against any potentially fatal damage. It’s also extremely stiff, which means that when your phone drops, it doesn’t twist in the air – torsion and twisting are some of the main reasons that phones break on impact and aramid fibre directly combats this.

Aramid fibre also boasts good resistance to abrasion, meaning that your case won’t weather or get scratched easily. Aramid fibre has no melting point, guards against organic solvents and has extremely low flammability. We believe there’s no better way to protect your phone.

What Aramid Fibre Products Does Everweek Offer?

Our most protective phone cases, our Limitless 2.0 and 3.0 range, both boast an aramid fibre option. Our Limitless cases offer best-in-class drop protection with a slim, sleek, unobtrusive design, engineered to provide the absolute maximum protection possible for your phone. They’re also lined with our innovative technology which further shields your phone from devastating damage when dropped or impacted. And we don’t compromise on style or protection – our aramid fibre cases are designed to look every bit as impressive as they are. Robust, rugged and made from real aramid fibre. This is ultimate protection and ultimate style.