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How to save money on Netflix

Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Sex Education… We all LOVE Netflix, but we don’t love paying premium prices. Here’s how to get a cheaper subscription and still enjoy your TV faves!

Netflix scratches that procrastination itch like no other. Whether it’s escaping revision, writing essays, or just being a productive human being, Netflix is always there to provide the series that we never even knew we needed.

But with the prices of Netflix accounts for UK subscribers rising all the time (or, at least, what feels like all the time), it’s always worth double-checking that you’re not paying more than you need to.

We’re here with our best hacks to save money on your Netflix subscription and keep on enjoying your on-screen faves once your free month’s trial is up!

How much does Netflix cost?

There are three different types of Netflix account that vary in price depending on the perks. The basic standard definition currently costs £5.99/month,  the standard plan costs £8.99/month and the premium plan will set you back £11.99/month.

The standard plan rose by £1 from £7.99 and the premium plan rose by £2 from £9.99 this year, eek!

Just to remind you what each plan includes, we’ve drawn up a table with the benefits of all three along with how much each Netflix plan costs.

Netflix subscription plans