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Revealed: the BEST and WORST places for uni nightlife

The best and worst places in the UK for a night out have been revealed – and we did not expect some of the results. Read on to find out where your university city ranks!

Let’s face it: the quality of a night out depends pretty heavily on where you are.

If your local nightlife options are mostly packed bars and clubs with eye-watering prices (*cough* London), it’s not easy to properly enjoy the night – but if drinks are cheap, the music’s pumping and the atmosphere’s buzzing, then you’ve got yourself a night out to remember(ish).

New research has revealed the best university towns and cities for nights out, and the top 10 places in the UK have been revealed. Drum roll please…

How the rankings for university nightlife were decided

A lot of towns and cities in the UK boast some pretty great nightlife, so narrowing it down wouldn’t have been easy – but these rankings, compiled by I Saw it First, focused on what students might look for, like how many pubs, bars and clubs there are in each area, and the cost of a night out there.

The rankings were worked out based on a number of factors, then calculated together to find overall winners. These factors were:

Best towns and cities by category

Based on the factors used to measure places in this study, some university towns and cities have been revealed as being the best in particular areas, such as the price of drinks and safety.

For the number of nightlife options, London is crowned as the winner with 1,326(!) places to go on a night out.

The cheapest pint prices are in Bolton and Lancaster at £2.50 (London might have more nightlife options, but its pints are recorded as costing twice that much).

The basic cost of a taxi is cheapest in Derby, but over 1km you’ll find the lowest prices in Belfast.

St Andrews (where Prince William and Kate Middleton studied, no less) is said to be the safest student city.

And, for the most amount of takeaways, it’s Birmingham!

Top 10 uni towns and cities for nightlife

Northern towns and cities in England are clear winners for nightlife in this study.

At number one is Yorkshire’s Huddersfield, where a pint can cost you £3.05 and you have a pretty incredible 163 takeaways to choose from.

Is your uni town or city on there? We hate to break it to you, but it may have made it on to the list of 10 worst places for nightlife.

10 worst uni towns and cities for nightlife

Having already seen the ones coming in proudly at the top of the rankings, these towns and cities didn’t do quite so well…

These rankings aren’t completely comprehensive, as 16 places were omitted from the study due to lack of data. But, out of the 61 places on I Saw it First‘s list, there are still some pretty interesting towns and cities coming in at the bottom 10 for nightlife.

Oxford may be very good for academia, but for nightlife? It’s number 61 out of 61. Sorry, Oxford.