Save Money

Save money on makeup with these 12 hacks

Makeup is notoriously expensive, and fuelling your addiction to eye shadow palettes can seriously drain your student loan. But not if you follow these top tips… 

From colourful eyeshadow palettes to gorgeous lipstick shades, there’s nothing better than stocking up on some fresh makeup products to add to your collection.

But they don’t come cheap – a recent survey found that Brits spend on average £192.20 a year on makeup products.

If you’re savvy about it, there are ways you can fuel your addiction without breaking the bank – and make your makeup last longer too!

Follow our top 12 hacks and you’ll be saving your money (and the environment) in no time!

12 top tips for saving money on makeup

  1. Recycle makeup packaging

    This one isn’t just good for your bank balance, but also the environment too! A couple of brands have set up schemes whereby if you return their product packaging, they’ll reward you with a freebie.

    Recycle Lush pots

    If you’re a frequent Lush shopper, you’ll be well aware of their iconic black pots for things that come in cream, gel or lotion form. Unlike other packaging like plastic shower gel bottles, these can’t be recycled at home, so Lush have set up a scheme to recycle them in house.

    Return some black pots to your local Lush store and you’ll be treated to a free face mask! It’s one of the best ways to

    Back to Mac

    One of the most well known of these recycling schemes is Back to Mac. Return six primary packaging containers to a Mac counter and you’ll get a free lipstick of your choice.

    The packaging can be pretty much anything – empty blusher pots or foundation bottles, for instance – but they have to be primary packaging. This means that things like paper boxes and cellophane wrappers aren’t included in the scheme.

    Some savvy Mac fans have even come up with a nifty tricking for depotting eyeshadow from the plastic containers they come in, speeding up the return process and getting your hands on the free lipstick even quicker!