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Super easy turkey burgers

Love burgers but hate being bad to your bod? Try our turkey burger recipe out at home – they’re a healthier alternative to McDonald’s, and a lot cheaper too!

It might come from one of the ugliest birds on the planet, but turkey meat is seriously underrated.

Not only does it pack more health benefits than its (slightly) less-ugly cousin, the chicken, but a pack of turkey mince will usually cost you less than a minced chicken breast.

Turkey is also the perfect healthy substitute for beef when making a burger, as it contains far less salt, and far more protein and calcium, than your regular beef burger.

Of course, this also means you can feel less guilty about all the extra cheese and toppings you throw on it.

How to make your own turkey burgers


Serves: 4 | Cost: Around £5 (£1.25 per serving)


  1. Grate or dice your onion into small pieces
  2. Put turkey mince and chopped onions into a large(ish) bowl. At this point you can also add any herbs or spices that you’d like. We used a few, including mustard powder and celery salt, but you can use whatever you fancy or have around the kitchen – or you could buy some in advance
  3. Crack an egg into the bowl. This will help the meat bind together with the onion so the burgers don’t fall apart
  4. Give the mixture a good squidge around to mix it. Add salt and pepper (remember to wash the eggy meat off your hands with soapy water before picking up the salt and pepper!)
  5. Once it’s well mixed, divide the mixture in half then half again to get four equal portions. Roll them into individual balls and press them down into burger sized circles

turkey burgers frying pan

  1. Heat a small glug of oil in a frying pan at a medium heat. If you have a non-stick pan, we’d definitely recommend using it here!
  2. Add the burgers and fry for about 5 minutes each side, or until cooked through. To check that the burgers are thoroughly cooked, cut the biggest open in the middle to ensure the meat is no longer pink and that the juices run clear.

When they’re ready, remove them from the pan and serve them however you like!

The great thing about burgers is you can add whatever toppings and sides you like – the opportunities are endless! We served ours with cheese, lettuce and a bit of ketchup, with a side order of curly fries, but do feel free to experiment.

These also freeze really well – just wrap them individually in clingfilm, moving them out of the freezer and into the fridge before you head to uni in the morning so they’re defrosted by dinner time.

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