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Fiverr Outsourcing Tips for Bloggers

Have you thought about using Fiverr to write articles for your blog? Or maybe you’d like some help with basic marketing tasks, photo editing, or graphic design and other technical tasks. was created in 2009 as a way to connect freelancers with people who have a limited budget for tasks or don’t know how […]


Postgraduate Loans in England 2019

The government is now offering up to £10,906 in loans to English master’s students looking to study at a UK university. But are you eligible for the loan? Unsurprisingly, the Postgraduate Loan (also known as the Master’s Loan) comes with its fair share of small print that can be hard to get your head around […]


Fun extracurricular activities to improve your CV

The job market may feel scarily competitive at times, but we know of plenty of ways to help you stand out – try these extracurricular activities and make your CV too good to overlook. It’s not enough to simply tell employers that you’re interested in their industry – you need to show it. And the […]

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17 simple ways to save money on driving

Lucky enough to have a car as a student? You’ll know just how expensive they can be to run, so let us show you how to cut costs! When your only income is your Student Loan – and maybe a part-time job to supplement that – it can be a massive drain on your finances to […]

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How to earn free Amazon vouchers

Feel like you buy everything off Amazon these days? Here’s how you can get your shopping for free by bagging yourself some vouchers! Willing to spare a little bit of your time for some sweet, sweet vouchers? There are loads of ways you can get your hands on some in return for you putting in […]


How to switch bank accounts

Switching to a new bank account sounds like it could be stressful, so many people never do. But it’s much easier than you’d think and it does pay to switch! Here’s our step-by-step guide. Whether you’re after the largest overdraft or the best customer service, it’s important to find a current account that works for […]

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How to make money with Toluna surveys

Toluna is most well known for its surveys, but there are a whole host of other ways to earn rewards on the site. Our review reveals what they are, and which are the biggest earners. Looking for a way to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your own home? Survey sites could be […]

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29 things you can make money from selling right now

You don’t need to resort to selling your much-loved items to make cash – you can earn decent money from selling stuff you never even knew was valuable, too! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be parting ways with your favourite designer items in order to make online selling profitable. The saying ‘one man’s trash […]