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The Outfit Finder on how she makes money Instagramming Love Island clothes

Are you (like us) obsessively wondering where you can buy Anna’s bikinis? Or Amber’s cute pj’s? Or Molly-Mae’s entire wardrobe?! We know someone who can help.

Laura Rider, a.k.a. @theoutfitfinder, can source the celebrity looks you love for no extra charge.

Followers don’t have to pay a penny to find out where to buy Love Island outfits but, through clever marketing techniques, Laura’s managed to turn her knack for online shopping into a nice little money earner – every student’s dream, right?

We chatted to Laura to find out everything from the story behind The Outfit Finder, to her tips on getting A-lister style for less, to (a big one) which Love Island couple she wants to win.

The story behind The Outfit Finder

Laura Rider’s currently completing her second year of a Media, Culture and Communications degree at Liverpool John Moores University. With a love of media and fashion, she launched The Outfit Finder and hopes to follow a career which combines her strongest interests after uni.

Now with nearly 100k followers, The Outfit Finder’s quickly building a reputation for being a go-to place to discover where Love Island contestants get their clothes from.

After noticing that a lot of people wanted to know where their favourite stars shopped, but few were able to find out, Laura started the page on Instagram. She told us:

With a good eye for fashion, Laura found she could quickly and easily identify where outfits were from online.

We all know the frustration of wanting one particular item of clothing but not being able to find it anywhere – so how does Laura manage it?

How did The Outfit Finder start making money?

As The Outfit Finder began to build a following, top fashion brands started taking notice.

Although not affiliated with any TV shows or TV broadcasters like ITV, The Outfit Finder has affiliate links for some huge stores.

Affiliate links are pretty much just like normal links and don’t charge users anything extra – the only difference is that whoever posts them can earn a bit of cash when someone uses them to make a purchase.

So, when Laura posts an affiliate link alongside an image of a celebrity wearing an outfit, she can earn a small percentage of whatever customers spend after clicking through from her page.

How did The Outfit Finder start using affiliate marketing?

To find out how you could earn money from affiliate marketing online, check out our guides to making money from social media and from your website.

What’s next for The Outfit Finder?

The Instagram page is quickly growing. The Outfit Finder’s following rose rapidly at the start of the month and has attracted the attention of some big names (among the page’s followers is Olivia Attwood!).

While still at university, Laura manages the page alongside her studies and, if her follower count’s anything to go by, she’s doing a very good job. When chatting about how she balances work and uni, she told us:

Going forward, the page shows no signs of slowing down. Laura said:

There’s one particularly exciting development ahead:

How to get Love Island looks on a budget

You might think people in the limelight all wear clothes with terrifying price tags – but that’s not always the case, as The Outfit Finder shows. The chances are, you’re already shopping at the same places as a lot of the people you see on TV.

But, when A-listers really do wear brands way outside of a student budget, there are easy ways to recreate the look for less.

Here are Laura’s top tips on getting celebrity style without breaking the bank.

And, our favourite tip from Laura:

Who should win Love Island?

Which contestant’s style do you love the most on Love Island? We asked Laura which Islander had the most popular look:

Finally, the big one – who does Laura want to win Love Island?