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This woman took 10 holidays in a year for £1,700 – and she’s revealed how

Love travelling but hate the cost? We caught up with a woman who went on 10 holidays in a year for just £1,700 to find out what her secret is!

Everyone loves a holiday every now and again. But sadly, thanks to the cost, affording to do it more often than ‘every now and again’ can be a bit tricky – especially as a student.

However, in pretty spectacular fashion, one woman has proved that travelling the world doesn’t need to cost the earth.

When Chelsea Dickenson (or ‘Chelsea Travel’, as her friends like to call her) heard the startling statistic that the average Brit spends £3,418/year on holidays, she decided to set herself a challenge: go on as many holidays as possible for half the average annual spend.

It’s fair to say that Chelsea exceeded expectations by going on 10 (yes, TEN) holidays in a year. That works out to just £170 per holiday!

We were so impressed, that we simply had to get in touch to find out how she managed to go on so many cheap holidays in just 365 days.

Learning to love bargain travel

how to get cheap holidays

For many of us, the thought of spending hours finding the best deals is enough to need a holiday in itself. After all, it’s not that easy to get vacations on the cheap – although the fact that we list the best travel deals certainly helps!

So how did Chelsea get into bargain holiday hunting?

That said, Chelsea was no stranger to travelling before she graduated. In fact, although she hadn’t quite honed her money-saving skills as a student, she did manage to squeeze in a couple of trans-Atlantic trips during her time at uni.

Even for a savvy shopper like Chelsea, though, she couldn’t manage all of that on her student loan alone.

Laying the ground rules

save money on travelling

Energised by her professional experience of booking cheap travel, and shocked by the statistic reporting that the average Brit spends £3,418/year on holidays, Chelsea decided to turn her 2017 into a challenge.

She wanted to go on as many holidays as possible in one year, all for a grand total of £1,709 – half the supposed average annual vacation spend.

To make things even more interesting (and presumably to stop herself from counting 20 day trips to Brighton as 20 holidays), Chelsea laid down some ground rules:

  1. She had to go on at least 10 holidays
  2. Trips must be two nights or more and two must be five nights or more
  3. Only use 28 days of annual leave
  4. At least three continents
  5. At least one flight must be business class

Sound daunting? A bit. Sound fun? Definitely.

Let’s see how Chelsea got on in her pursuit of a year of maximum holidays for minimum costs.

The cheap holiday challenge

Valencia, Spain

Chelsea started off her year in pretty respectable fashion: a three-night break in sunny Valencia with her boyfriend, James, to escape Britain’s bitter January weather.

This set her back £169.72, including £62 for flights (easyJet), £32.72 for accommodation at Gatwick airport and £75 for the hotel in Valencia.

Chelsea found the airport accommodation on the comparison site AMOMA, while the deal on the pad in Spain was on