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Undie-funded student sells used knickers to cover uni costs

When Jenny*, a student from Hampshire, was struggling to make ends meet during term time, she found an err… imaginative, way of making money quickly: She signed up to a fetish site and began selling her used knickers in order to foot even just the bare necessities.

Speaking to Save the Student, Jenny said she signed up out of sheer financial desperation:

Her rent alone is £4,500 a year, whilst her maintenance loan comes in at just £3,300 a year, meaning she has to find an extra £1,200 a year just to cover her rent. On top of this, she also needs money for food, transport and course costs.

How Jenny solved her money problem

nomoneyJenny initially had to pay up for a £15-a-month subscription to a fetish site, but it wasn’t long before she made her monthly fee back (and then some!) as customers began lining up to buy her already-worn wears. She said:

She now makes £100 a month selling 1 or 2 pairs of used pants a week. She adds that she could make more money by offering webcam shows, but doesn’t feel comfortable showing her face, so is sticking to the knicker-selling for the time being.

Jenny says she’s also had to refuse various weird requests, including a ‘humiliation’ video based on the client’s own religion and selling her faeces in person.

Why are students taking risks for cash?


It’s no surprise then that Jenny, like thousands of other students, is finding it difficult to stay financially afloat at university.

According to the results of our Student Money Survey, 1 in 10 students take risks to make money – by gambling or using their bodies. The average student needs to find an extra £250 each month as the maintenance loan often falls short.

With maintenance grants being scrapped this year whilst rent and living costs continue to rise, students are forced to look for alternative ways to make money.

Although Jenny admits that selling dirty pants isn’t her ideal job, the extra income means she no longer has to worry about her finances.

*Jenny’s name has been changed.

Are you working an unusual job to make cash at uni? Let us know! If you’re on the hunt – try our part-time student job search tool first!