What your favorite celebs eat in a day

It’s not exactly a secret that we look to celebrities to be lifestyle and food gurus. But is this necessarily a good thing? While your favorite celeb might have a body you envy, it doesn’t always mean they’re healthy. 

From full meals, to drinks, snacks and supplements, are these options the healthiest choices or simply treats we should only occasionally indulge in? I asked certified nutrition coach and smoothie chef, Chanel Gold Kenner to give the real dish on these celeb-favored foods!

Sex Dust

Gwyneth Paltow is a big fan of morning smoothies with a scoop of Sex Dust by Moon Juice. Kenner explained the health benefits of this product to me, saying, “Sex Dust contains adaptogens which are all the rage in the wellness community. The jury is still out amongst the science community, but those who follow more holistic, Ayurvedic principles claim these natural herbs help the body adapt to stress, [and] increase physical endurance and mental focus.”

As for Sex Dust improving what you do behind closed doors, Kenner can’t quite vouch for that. “I can’t speak to the viability of the enhancement of one’s bedroom life, but Sex Dust has cacao in it, which contains lots of beneficial phytochemicals, antioxidants (40 times as much per serving as blueberries), iron, magnesium and calcium. Simply put, cacao reduces the risk of developing a chronic disease. So definitely add some Sex Dust to your morning smoothie.” 

Fab Four smoothie

When Kelly LeVeque was interviewed on The Skinny Confidential “Him & Her” podcast, she shared her recipe for comedian Chelsea Hander’s favorite smoothie, which LeVeque calls the “Fab Four.” This super healthy smoothie consists of protein, chia seeds, MCT oil, and greens, such as spinach. LeVeque also noted that it’s okay to add a quarter cup of fruit, but ideally, this smoothie should just consist of four ingredients.

Kenner is a very big fan of LeVeque and smoothies in general (after all, she has her own smoothie company).  She told me, “Fab Four smoothies are a great way to get in all the healthy fats, fiber, protein, and greens we need in the morning to start our day off on the right foot. Together, the ingredients in nutrient-dense smoothies help balance your blood sugar, keep you satiated between meals, and also ensure you’re getting all the beneficial nutrients from real, whole foods.”

Kenner also thinks smoothies are a great way to maintain a balanced diet. “I’m also a big proponent of focusing on the things we put in our bodies as opposed to what we aren’t, or can’t eat. Have that wine with your besties during girl’s night! Then nourish yourself with a smoothie in the morning,” she says.

Bulletproof coffee

According to People, actress Busy Phillips is busy making Bulletproof coffee every morning. Not your ordinary cup of “Morning Joe,” this cuppa isn’t made with cream and sugar.

Kenner explained to me why Bulletproof is the hottest cup of coffee in Hollywood right now. “Bulletproof coffee contains grass-fed butter and MCT oil — which studies have shown may lead to enhanced thermogenesis and fat oxidation as well as improved insulin sensitivity in people with Type 2 diabetes. [But it should be noted that] the individuals included in these studies were given 5 to 48 grams of MCT oil in a day.” 

She further explained that the fat in this coffee is actually good, and something we should integrate into an already balanced diet. “Bulletproof coffee has around 50 grams of fat between the butter and oil, a majority of which is saturated fat. The issue here for me is the quantity, and the idea of people drinking Bulletproof as a meal replacement. People should see healthy fats as something important to include in their diet, in moderation, never as a meal replacement.”

Kenner personally integrates Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil in her own diet. She says, “I use it in smoothies or added to overnight oats, low-sugar fudge or yogurt, as an accompaniment to that meal or snack.”

Love The Wild fish

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio loves Love The Wild fish so much that he is an investor in the company. But when it comes to fish, Kenner says things can get fishy. “Fish is a fun topic, especially when it comes to wild-caught versus farmed — which is what Love The Wild fish are,” she explains. “A lot of people subscribe to old beliefs that farmed fish aren’t as healthy for you, or sustainable, or they’re not as clean. But sustainability standards are much higher today than they were, say, 30 years ago.”

More importantly, she noted that it doesn’t matter how your fish was caught. “The nutritional quality of fish — wild-caught or farmed — is virtually the same. People need to eat more fish! Seafood has the healthiest fatty acid profile because it’s low in saturated fat and high in heart and brain-healthy Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats. Twice a week is the recommendation.”

Her personal favorite is salmon, which she makes with a side of quinoa and roasted veggies. She adds a little lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper to enhance the flavor. 

Suja juices

Bella Hadid was spotted backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show downing a bottle of Suja juice. But Kenner thinks Hadid’s fashion choices are better than her nutritional ones. She says, “The amount of fruit in a single bottle is well above what we need. One bottle can contain more than 40 grams of sugar and that’s way too much.” 

She thinks it’s just better to eat fruit. “My approach is — eat fruit in its whole form, or add one serving to a smoothie, which preserves the fiber (you need 25 to 35 grams of fiber [per] day at least to keep your gut happy). I’ll add a half-cup of blueberries or banana to a smoothie, or a half-cup to Greek yogurt for an afternoon snack.”

Purely Elizabeth

According to Vogue, supermodel Karlie Kloss’ favorite dessert is a blueberry crisp, made with Purely Elizabeth granola. Kenner, who is absolutely obsessed with this brand, understands why. She has personally tried most of their products and has yet to find something she doesn’t love. “I love Purely Elizabeth everything. My own pantry is stocked with every granola, oatmeal, and muesli. The brand uses all whole, organic ingredients which is important. So many pantry breakfast products include added sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup which is directly linked to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.”

She says the ingredients are also very high quality. “Purely Elizabeth products have no added sugars, and contain whole grains and seeds that are high in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins — a complete meal on their own, or as a great topping to any snack.” Kenner confessed she even enjoys it “straight out of the bag.” 

Annie’s snacks

What kid doesn’t love a delicious snack? Kim Kardashian West discussed on her blog that she makes sure her daughter North West doesn’t miss out on any treats, as long as it’s somewhat healthy. A big fan of Annie’s organic foods, Refinery29 reported that North likes to snack on Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, which are similar to a traditional Goldfish cracker, and Annie’s Honey Bunny Grahams, which are like Teddy Grahams.

Kenner likes Annie’s snacks and sees them as a healthy option for the playground set. “As an alternative to traditional snacks, Annie’s is a great option (in moderation!). I like that most of the ingredients are organic, whole foods, and the brand avoids [the] use of corn syrup. Parents should start their kids on the right foot at a young age, by incorporating healthy options like this that still look fun and taste good.” After all, what child (or adult) can resist anything that has a cute bunny shape?

Pasta Snacks

Both Mario Lopez and Lance Bass are big fans of Pasta Snacks. The brand has three lines: chips, bowties, and veggie. With such an interesting choice of flavors — including Meatball Parm, Olive Oil Garlic, Rosemary, Alfredo, and Marinara — it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to scarf down an entire bag. 

But Kenner sees this snack as something to keep as an occasional treat because they “offer very little in terms of nutritional value.” She also added that, “The ingredients are highly processed.” So, while Pasta Chips won’t score you many nutrition points, they’ll definitely win over guests at your next party. Just add a delicious dip and you’ve got a memorable appetizer!

Epic bars

This Is Us actress Mandy Moore is such a fan of Epic bars that the brand’s publicist told me she sent a thank you note to them asking for more product. With a unique range of flavors, including Bison Bacon Cranberry, Lamb Currant Mint, and Beef Habanero Cherry, Epic bars consist of meat, fruit, and nut ingredients. They are high in protein, but low in sugar, as well as gluten, grain, soy and dairy free.

While these bars sound like they could be a meal, Kenner sees Epic as more of a very healthy on-the-go snack. “Since there is no fiber, I wouldn’t choose this as a meal replacement option, but as a snack or protein alternative — absolutely.”

Overall, Kenner puts her stamp of approval on this product. “Epic bars contain all-natural and few ingredients, which is good. They also are very high in protein. I would opt for the no to low sugar options that provide the added bonus of important macro and micronutrients. The Venison Sea Salt and Pepper bar, for example, provides 12 grams of protein, 25 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, and 10 percent of iron.”

Core water

Ellie Goulding keeps her body and voice beautiful with Core water. But other than having her seal of approval, should Core water be a core part of your diet? Kenner says yes: any water is better than no water. She told me, “Most people should aim for 2 liters a day, especially in place of sugary beverages like soda.”

She thinks whatever gets you drinking is good. “Ultimately, the brand of water you drink is a matter of preference. Do you like how it tastes? The bottle shape? People get very religious about it! But there are many ways to skin a cat, and at the end of the day, water is water.”

Keep it balanced

Did your favorite celebs eat as healthy as you thought they did? Or are you more excited to try some new foods and make some new recipes? No matter what, it’s important to remember that even treats can be part of a healthy diet. 

Furthermore, it’s very likely the celebs eating the less nutritious foods on this list probably aren’t chowing down every day. No matter what, Kenner’s approach of eating sensibly, not restricting yourself, and enjoying everything in moderation sounds like a pretty good plan.