Which university’s students are the biggest spenders?

New data reveals which students are the biggest ballers at uni – use our table to find how much students at your uni spend in an average month…

Save the Student’s National Student Money Survey 2018 has revealed which uni’s students spend the most while at uni – and who spends the least.

We asked 3,167 students how much they spent each month on expenses including socialising and drinking, food, clothes, mobile phone contracts and more, and the results are pretty interesting.

It might feel like all your student loan goes on is chicken nuggets, beer and Nandos, so our survey breaks it all down to reveal where your money goes once and for all.

Excluding rent, students spend on average £364 a month, with the biggest chunk of that (£106) going on food.

They also spend on average £64 a month on socialising and drinking, as well £47 on transport and £34 on clothes.

Want to find out how much money students at your university spend? Use our table below to find your uni and see how you compare to the average.

What do students spend their money on?

Keeping track of your money at uni is hard. If you’re lucky enough to have any left over after you’ve paid rent, there’s still bills, food, books and, god forbid, a social life to pay for.

Our survey found that food sucks up most students’ spending, with UCL, Cambridge and Kingston students spending the most on eating each month.

Meanwhile, Kingston, Goldsmiths and King’s College came out as the biggest party animals. spending the most on socialising and drinking each month. Outside of London, it’s Bournemouth, Edinburgh and Keele leading the way spending the most on nights out, although big party cities such as Newcastle aren’t far behind.

Students at York St John and Huddersfield spend the least on drinking and socialising each month – just £35, which is nearly half of the average.

Household bills were also a big expense for many students – as much as £73 a month in Bath Spa, although just £10 in Liverpool.

Finally, things like mobile phone contracts and course books were also big expenses in most cases.

Average student spending per month

Many of the universities in the top 10 spenders are London-based – Goldsmiths, UCL, Westminster and King’s College London are all up there. And when students in London get an extra £2,500 each year in their Maintenance Loan to accommodate the capital’s higher living costs, this is no surprise.

However, at the opposite end of the country, students in Glasgow and Edinburgh also spend above average.

Meanwhile, those at Loughborough, Leeds Beckett, UEA and Chester spend less than the national average, at well under £200 a month.

The table below lists all universities and the average student spend on each expense – how do you compare to your fellow students?

How do you compare to your uni average? Let us know in the comments!